Monday, September 17, 2007

What Do You Call a Horse with Wings?

Princess Märtha Louise of Norway puts in her bid for upper-class twit of the year, outdoing Prince Charles in the "New Age Crock of Shit" category. The princess is behind the Astarte Education school alongside fellow nut Elisabeth Samnøy. Says the princess,

I am trained as a physiotherapist and as a Rosen Method Practitioner. I have qualifications from the Holistic Academy, where I learned to organise my sensory impressions in order to read others. It was through horses that I learned to communicate with animals at a deeper level, and it was while I worked with horses that I came in contact with the angels. I have since come to understand the value of this great gift and am eager to share it with others – perhaps with you?

Not at 24,000 Norwegian kroner a year, princess (That's over £2,000, or more than €3,000, to you and me.)

Any questions?

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