Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bricking It

Don't forget to tune in to Football Focus on Saturday for the FA Cup 1st round previews. It is almost inevitable that the Alty vs Millwall game will be dominated by the news that Robins midfielder Warren Peyton spent the week building some new turnstiles at Moss Lane.

And if that underwhelms then take a leaf out of Tesco's book and panic unnecessarily.

*Update* It's started already. Last night's Granada Reports had an interview with Warren at work on a building site. The questions included "What's the team spirit level at the moment?" "Is there mortar come?" and, ta-da!, "Are you bricking it?"


John said...

I'm sure Reidski only ever shops at Marks & Spencer.

Reidski said...

Funny comments on that Tesco's stuff.

The idea that any Millwall fans will be going to this game for a punch-up is so laughable. Enjoy the game Martin, but sorry for your loss :-)

Oh, and John, I'm a Fortnum & Mason man meself!