Friday, November 30, 2007

The Monkey Speaks His Mind

"I always believed right from when I was on the dole that there was a god. And now, that belief is deeper because I've got so many blessings in this life that I can't count them."

"I've had so many, I'm scared that if I get reincarnated I'll end up pulling a plough in Chile for 14 hours a day or something, just to pay my dues."

" . . . as a family man, he's also really looking forward to Christmas.

What's he planning? "My wish list is just to have a happy day with the kids. I'm getting in all the batteries that I need."

"James Brown died last year and it really took the shine right off my Christmas dinner."

"I'm just hoping Mohammed Ali hangs in there this year 'cos I don't want my Christmas dinner ruined again."

At least he's looking well. Must be all that fruit.

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Will said...

When the Stone Roses were all the rage I used to have friends.