Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lefort Marches On

My first book purchase of 2008, thanks to Paul Anderson over at Gauche, is Claude Lefort's Complications: Communism and the Dilemmas of Democracy. In the Comments section of the post below, I hubristically suggested one or two texts that might contribute to a new left for the 21st century. Even though Lefort's writing is frequently difficult, what he tells us about the past, what he knows, and what he remembers are essential to the creation of a new "new left" if it is not to make the same mistakes as both the old, "old left" and the old "new left." This is a book that I am sure won't receive the attention it deserves. Or perhaps it's fairer to say that the level of attention it receives is an indication of how much or how little we deserve.


Lorcy said...

speaking of book purchases in dublin, didn't get to see you over christmas, but what the fuck happened to greenes!! it's some sort of trndy pink shirt tie fuckhouse now! where I am I going to get my tacky 1970s Patrick Kavanagh postcards and william f buckley cold war espionage novels for a euro now!? (not to mention serrepticiously looking at trendy lit-chick arses as they go up and down the steep steps) :(

John said...

Yes, very sad. And it was always a convenient place to run into on the way to and from the office when it started to piss down.