Tuesday, January 08, 2008

'S Crap!

Steven Wells in today's Guardian music blog recalls memorable attacks on critics by rock musicians:

Perhaps the strangest artist vs hack attack came at a gig in Newport when "the one who looked like Thelma off the Liver Birds" from Huggy Bear gave a black eye to Carlton B Morgan, writer of the NME cartoon strip Great Pop Things.

Morgan and cartoonist Jon Langford had been unsettling the Hugs by shouting "Less structure in the music" and "You're better than Sting".

"Then they started ranting about men in the audience wanking on to female audience members' backs," says Langford, "and tried to get all the women to stand down the front while all the blokes had to go to the back. Carlton shouted "I am a transvestite, where do I stand?" then his bass player Miss Sass shouted "Show us your tits" and it all went bonkers. I think the surreal heckling really got to them."

There used to be an audio file of this online. It was absolutely hilarious. Carlton, if you're out there, please put up a link so we can all hear it.

*Update* Over at Dumb Riffs, Karl has an interview he did with Nick Kent that's well worth a look.

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Anonymous said...

CBM says contact via his myspace he has an MP3 beautifully edited to leave out all of the songs but leaving the best bits - the heckling- intact, but nowhere to put it up. Matron.