Wednesday, February 13, 2008

You Are The Ref (Again)

As Player (A) steams through the midfield, he is hacked down by an opponent, the Referee plays advantage as the ball has been picked up by Player (B), one of (A)'s team-mates. Player (B) advances 15 yards to the edge of the box before he too is scythed down by a Farsley Celtic centre-back.

What should the ref give, and where should play be restarted from?


Reidski said...

There are two people who don't get my "I don't criticise refs" policy. One, the bloke at work who gets extremely irritated by it and gets furious about refs. And, two, JJ, who just thinks I'm a prat.
Anyway, in answer to your question, the ref should give a free-kick on the edge of the area. However, I'm guessing he didn't cos he "don't know what you're doing"? That chant is my second worst favourite football chant, only just in front of "your support is fucking shit". Sorry, I do go on sometimes ...

Martin said...

Reidski, go on all you want because you are correct right down to the chant.
The ref seemed to think that no advantage had been gained but I hate to think what would have happened had the second foul been in the penalty area.

John said...

Red cards for both Farsley players, deduct the club 6 points, penalty to Alty.

Surely that's correct?