Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fruit U Like

The May/June issue of Orion magazine carries an excerpt from The Fruit Hunters in which author Adam Leith Gollner explains how marketers promote fruit:

. . . Branding gurus want to make fruits a part of transitions from one activity to the next: rejuvenating tide-me-over breaks, midafternoon pickmeups, and after-work snacks. To merchandising reps, it doesn't really matter when these moments happen as long as they become ritualized routines filled with fruit. Once fruits have become ingrained as the go-to transitionary fuel, their multisensory experiential qualities can be leveraged into high-volume snacking. Or something to that effect.

Fruit catchphrases and slogans bandied about in these studies include "little taste adventure," "delicious handful of goodness," and my favorite: "the snack that quenches."

Pass the fags, Alice.

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