Friday, July 11, 2008

Is This Where the False Pope Shops?

I'm not sure if it's me who'll be going to Hell or the good folk at Catholic Home and Garden.

Is it just me or are the priests getting younger these days? One way to avoid recruiting paedophiles, I suppose.

This is the Cardinal Ratzinger outfit. Here's one Aryan kid who's praying to the point of constipation that his parents aren't going to make him join the Hitler Youth as well.

A wrinkle-free Mother Teresa (for added authenticity, parents can buy poverty-stricken Indians in the "Accessories" section).

Bishop Brennan's looking well (Just don't call him Len).

And another one for the Irish! Former Welsh slave turned enslaver of minds Saint Patrick (snakes extra).

Lots more costumes (but sadly no crucified Christ outfit) here.


Anonymous said...

I think I love you in a man to man sort of way.

Just saying like.

Anonymous said...

Aye, Catholics - they're god-fearing nutters to a man.

Check this out;


The guy is now on the receiving end of death threats.

Pharyngula: I get email — special cracker edition!

I never realised there were so many wanna be jihadists in the Catholic Faith.

Dawkins appeals for support.


Donagh said...

The website says, reassuringly, “Made in the USA by American Farm Women”. I hope to Christ they’re not Amish.