Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cheer Up, Roy. You May Win Something Yet

Keane up for Beard of the Year award.

Beard Liberation Front spokesman Keith Flett said: "I have heard about the Roy Keane comments. This is not the first time someone has made such a comment about someone with a beard. There is a lot of anti-beard feeling out there, but I have to say Roy should be proud of what he has grown. His facial hair came to our attention a few weeks ago now and we have short-listed him for our Beard of the Year awards.

And it isn't just another SWP front organization, either!

I don't think.

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mapstew said...

I've been away from work for two weeks, not seeing any of my workmates, and have grown a beard during this time. The reaction on meeting said people has been just mad!

Only one person said that they like it! Most have said it makes me look my age. I AM my age!!

It was only going to be a temporary thing, but now it's gonna stay!