Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Paul Ince sacked after Christmas party in Dublin.

Get with it, Paul. It's Krakow or Colchester these days.


Anonymous said...

As a Bolton fan its been highly amusing to read the comments from Rovers fans on the Lancashire Evening Telegraph site that has been patched into the Bolton News (think MEN, but worse - yes, it IS possible) site. Most Rovers fans of my aquaintance were cock a hoop yesterday, despite being members of the Facebook "Anyone but Sam" group last summer. Fickle, eh. The funny thing is that they think Sam will get their defence sorted. Well they might like to ponder the fact that the last 3 defenders he bought for Bolton were; Abdulaye Meite (WBA), Lubo Michalik (Leeds?) and Gerard Cid (now with Nice, I think, but would have struggled to get into Rochdale's reserve team.) So, we'll see. I suspect he will sort them, but I don't think its a foregone conclusion, as they all now think. Mind you, they may be able to have Hughesy back soon.

Anonymous said...

Think Incey'll be the replacement for Sparky, then?

Martin said...

I'm looking forward to Keano and Incey applying for the Leeds job.