Monday, December 15, 2008

A Positive News Story about Cuba (for Reidski)

Post number 1,801, apparently.

In the latest issue of Alternatives Journal, the unlikely-named Laurie Guevara-Stone discusses Cuba's success in establishing itself as the only country on the planet that is approaching sustainable development. There's a summary here (scroll down):

In "Viva La Revolución Energética," Guevara-Stone explains that the U.S. embargo and back-to-back hurricanes prompted the Cuban government to embark on an energy revolution in 2006 that has transformed this island nation of 11 million people. In two years, Cuba has reduced its consumption of gasoline by 80 per cent, its kerosene use by 34 per cent, and its LPG (liquified petroleum gas) intake by 34 per cent. Cubans have replaced almost two million inefficient refrigerators, over one million fans, 182,000 air conditioners and 260,000 water pumps with more efficient models, while substituting an astounding nine million compact fluorescent light bulbs for incandescents.

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