Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What Does a Smart Priest Keep Under His Chasuble?

Why, the Priest Game, of course!

Something he can show any altarboy with pride.

(Now comes with free DVD in which the pope reveals the meaning of the Eucharist, explains the mystery of the Trinity, and makes up a Fourth Secret of Fatima.)

*UPDATE* Coming soon: Vatican Cluedo.


Bock the Robber said...

Jesus Christ!

John said...

Hi Bock--

Is that an exclamation of horror or your answer to my question? ;-)

Bock the Robber said...

It's a pious ejaculation.

Sweary said...

"Through the teachable pieces"

I was horrified until i figured out that it didn't say touchable. Also, "Children will enjoy dressing the priest for Mass." Well Jaysus but I thought we'd established that they find this one pretty emotionally scarring at best.

John said...

Hi Sweary--

I like the durable "hosts." Something else the kids will soon learn is what we usually call the Heimlich manoeuvre.