Monday, March 30, 2009

Vote Early! Vote Again Two Weeks Later!!

The voting forms listing Graham Heathcote's selections for Altrincham's goal of the season were handed out at the turnstiles two weeks ago. They've now decided to reprint them after Michael Welch's free-kick on Saturday against Crawley. Why?

I'll tell you why. It's has been measured at 70 yards 6inches. (I'll post a video of it if they make it available).

* And here it is.

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Andrew said...

If i know Graham Heathcote (and believe me, I know Graham Heathcote)he'll be gutted by his carefully compiled list being ruined by the unwanted addition of a moment of craven opportunism by that hack Welch. Graham cares only for the meticulously crafted team goal, or the moment of jinking, jiggling genius from a prodigious young left winger. He cares not for some young fella hoofing it up the yard. Disappointing.