Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Modern Art is Shit

The April/May issue of American Craft magazine carries an article profiling London-based artist Virginia Gardiner, who makes artworks out of horseshit.

Her palm-sized dodecahedron Poo Gems may have the consistency of a seed-based chewy snack from Whole Foods, but they are certainly not meant to be eaten. “I had a technician at my college sizing one up in his hand and asking, ‘What is this?’” Gardiner says. “He just put it down very gently when I said it was shit.”

In her defense, Gardiner can claim that she works with the highest quality feces: her excreta of choice is horse manure from the Queen’s Household Cavalry in Knightsbridge. So her customers can be assured that it has come from the finest military thoroughbreds—a fortuitous side effect of Gardiner’s knowing that she wanted to work with manure but having no idea where to get it in large quantities.

Surely Whitehall's only up the road.

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