Thursday, December 03, 2009

Thank God for Low Achievers

Ever Google your old mates from university to see what they're up to these days? One of my closest friends from back then, it transpires (scroll down), was earlier this year appointed head of communications for the International Olympic Committee after serving as managing director and head of media and communications for the World Economic Forum.

The article even mentions that:

A 2005 profile of Adams in PR Week takes note of his days in Manchester as an "Old Labour activist" and as radio disc jockey.

This is the only previous connection I've had with Lausanne. I think it had best stay that way.


Anonymous said...


John said...

You know, now I think about it, he wasn't Old Labour as in Tony Benn and Dennis Skinner. He was Old labour as in "the years before New Labour." I went to one meeting with him in the House of Commons and it was for a Hattersleyite/Healeyite group in the early 80s, organizing to resist the "takeover" of the party by the "hard left."

Of course, Hattersley would be on the left of the party now. Baron Sparkbrook or something, I believe.

Martin said...

I remember Mark interviewing Jonathan Richman at The International for Meltdown on Radio Manchester.Although the real star that night was Frank Sidebottom, obviously.

John said...

Do you remember when he went to interview Vi Subversa of Poison Girls? I heard the tape of that, and she didn't seem to take to him at all.

John said...

Mart, just remembered that the one big argument I ever had with him was about the film Mephisto. He thought Brandauer's character was right to behave the way hedid, andMark said he would have done the same.

And so he did.

Martin said...

That's a coincidence. Last night I rewatched Fritz Lang's "M" (but this time with the commentary on) ain which Brandauer plays the head of the criminal underworld. They discussed him staying in Germay and playing Mephisto and how he recovered from that to be feted by the Russians.