Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Kill Me If You Can

This dramatisation on Channel 4 tonight is a must see for anyone who has drank (or run a pub) in the Goose Green area of Altrincham. And also for anyone who, at anytime, has pretended to be a spy on the internet.


John said...

Fictitious characters on the internet? Who'd've thunk it?

Can't say this story surprises me. Goose Green is really the dodgiest part of Altrincham. When I think back to the characters who used to drink in the pubs nearby . . . well, it makes me shudder.

Anyone seen Derek Saliva recently?

griff said...

the last i heard, he'd been recruited into the french secret service by norman haircut.

incidentally, i was relaxing on a bar terrace in spain last week when the conversation inexplicably turned to frank sidebottom. the woman on the next table said "did you just mention timperley?". turns out she lives round the corner from the moss trooper.