Saturday, August 20, 2005

wah! at the zanzibar, liverpool

on bank holiday sunday, apparently. that's 28 august. there's no mention of it on the zanzibar site but i think that's because they're in the process of revamping the site. i've just spoken to someone at the venue and the gig is definitely on.

i shall be journeying up for it, staying at my mate john's in liverpool (john will also be attending).

anyone else?

tickets are available on the door that night or from probe records in liverpool. no credit card advanced booking due to the last minute nature of the show.


Martin said...

Busy next weekend unfortunately.

Tommy and Linda send their regards by the way.

griff said...

ah well, that's a shame.

please pass on my regards back to them.

i'm going to be up in manchester for a jolly up on saturday 17th september. are you free then? should be a good all-day piss up.

Martin said...

I'm taking some holiday that week but haven't decided when and where to go,but I'll try and sort it so I'm around.Never one to pass on a jolly.

griff said...


Reidski said...

Reminds me of my Pete Wylie story - John can let you know the details, it's too painful for me!