Monday, August 29, 2005

Quiet Desperation

The readers' problem page in the July 2005 issue of Redbook features questions relating to workplace irritability, coping with a jobless husband who doesn't seem to want to find work, and a mother who's worried because her kids are so boring.

Sadly, none of the suggested solutions involve hard drugs, alcohol or adultery, but rather cleverly, the woman with a jobless husband is advised that, if things don't improve financially, she should get rid of cable, ditch the mobile phones, and sell the car. Very smart, if a little unsympathetic, but I would have thought the first thing she should get rid of is the sofa. Then the fridge. Then his slippers.

But what's the answer to boring kids? Hide their iPods?


Neil said...

Children have a duty to shock and outrage their parents.

But if you've got unshockable parents the only thing left is to be boring.

It's like music. A generation brought up on Gang of Four, Delta 5, The Pop Group, Einsturzende Neubauten et al is not going to be shocked by anything in music apart from the bland, boring boswelox put out to appeal to teens rebelling against their parent's record collection.

John said...

Nice point, Wilson. It used to be that parents could use a bit of reverse psychology and pretend to like Marilyn Manson, say, but now that their kids are boring maybe they should just give up and leave them be. At least the kids won't do any harm until they become stockbrokers, barristers, and sales reps!