Monday, August 29, 2005

See the Whirl

Delta 5 namechecked in today's Guardian letters page.

Old interview with Ros Allen here.


Reidski said...

From their website: "during one show, Bethan grabbed a Sieg Heiling fascist by the hair and slammed his head against the stage." I can think of no better recommendation to listen to this band than that.
One of the best gigs of my life in Glasgow circa 1980: Delta 5 followed by Pere Ubu followed by Gang of Four, the latter of whom were promoting their newly released Solid Gold album. Fucking stupendous night.

John said...

Sounds like an excellent night. Never managed to see D5, but Kelvin the drummer used to sleep on our floor in London from time to time, the minusucule factoid I always wheel out whenever D5 get mentioned, much to my brother's amusement or contempt.