Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I Prefer to Think of Dylan as America's Kevin Coyne

An article in the magazine of this week's Independent on Sunday profiles the wonderful and greatly missed Kevin Coyne.

He's described as Britain's Bob Dylan. Some understatement.


Reidski said...

did I mention the night I had dinner with Coyne? What a really really lovely man he was - and a great songwriter and singer!

John said...

Are you serious? Spill the beans, Reidski!

John said...

Someone just posted a new Kevin Coyne linke here, too:


"Thanks for the link to my Kevin Coyne site just out as someone linked to it from this site.
But for all fans of Kevin's music the place to be is Pascal's site of every recording and article we can find kevincoynepage.tk or the Yahoo group at kevincoyne.tk which currently is providing an excellent Tribute CD for free."

Reidski said...

Here it is:


John said...

That's a lovely piece, Reidski.

And Brendan Croker too. Another fucking genius (and part-time Mekon).