Monday, December 12, 2005

Babelfish does its thing

Here's a translation of the article below courtesy of Babelfish. Translation into which language, I'm not sure.

The pop strip of Manchester

The city of The Smiths prepares a macrofestival of the arts for the 2007


Manchester, crucificada many years by one attributed industrial fealdad, has in fact much of which to be proud. Cradle of a good number of radical movements, was in Manchester where the first industrial revolution took place; where it arose the sufragismo and the vegetarianism; where the first professional league of soccer started up and, put to emphasize, where it opened to the first Marks and Spencer. And soon, new paragraph, it is music.

It is the city of birth of sinfín of capital groups of the history of the pop music. The Smiths, Joy Division, New Order, Simply Network, Stone Roses, The Happy Mondays, Oasis, Bee Gees, Robbie Williams and his Take That, The Verve... House is the city of music, disclosed to the world from the Property, that club opened in 1982 by likeable and manirroto television presenter, Tony Wilson, through its record one, Factory Record, and that Michael Winterbottom elevated to legendary category of through 24 film hour party people.

Much history to avoid it. The companies dedicated to the tourist promotion of the English city begin to operate this rich musical legacy. And not to watch only back, Manchester prepares an ambitious biennial festival whose first edition will be celebrated during three weeks of June and July of the 2007.

It will not be a solely musical festival. It will embrace all the arts, although with two very strict conditions: the protagonists must be first swords in their field and, first of all, they must present/display a totally new work, not taught nowhere before. They only admit world-wide openings.

In order to initiate the promotion of the artistic encounter, the Manchester International Festival programmed the last month five performances of Gorillaz, the virtual group created by Damon Albarn, leader of Blur, that never before had offered its songs in direct. Five plenty, with the entrances sold in a matter of minutes, provided a hopeful takeoff to the festival, that next will announce more stellar performances to continue warming up the appointment of the 2007.

And with this Manchester appointment it trusts surpassing to Birmingham as tourist destiny and moving away more to Liverpool, with which it maintains a ferocious rivalry historical. Of course, also it hopes to dilute the image of gray and declining city that drags from the industrial time, of when the textile factories and cotton estigmatizaban the urban landscape. Painful it is, in this sense, a famous phrase of Mark Twain: "I would like to live in Manchester. The transit between Manchester and the death would be imperceptible ".

Now which the Manchester United of is capacaída, which it has been left even outside Liga de Campeones, who not even is left the consolation to see David Beckham buy by the stores chic, music returns to become the spiritual motor of the city of architect Norman Foster, Danny director Boyle and the actor Horseradish tree Kingsley.

It makes at a level less boisterous than in years 80 and 90, when the fusion of the guitars and cadences of dance impelled by the culture of clubs and groups as Stone Roses and The Happy Mondays granted to Manchester the world-wide attention. Magazines of varied cut as Newsweek and Life emphasized in cover the efervescencia of the city.

Rain always has been good for the creativity, and in Manchester much water after the year falls. Also in Liverpool, that seems, however, to still live on the prestige of the group of the remembered today John Lennon. It speaks journalist Jonathan Schofield, author of local guide City life and musical specialist. "the bands of Liverpool are melódicas; those of always they have been noisier and bailables here. I have the sensation that Liverpool undergoes an enormous undertow of the Beatles ".
They count now in Manchester with more than 20 discográficas. Until Morrisey, e'migre' to the Angels, has returned to fall in love with his city and he often sees himself him take a walk by the streets of the center, that is experiencing a repoblación, with which that entails of renovation of buildings, of opening of restaurants and extension of services.

To more, it is the mass of students, one of the most nourished of Great Britain, wonderful base of public for concerts. That mythical the Property is now cement of apartments is considered by some a sacrilege; a blessing, however, for Jonathan Schofield. "it has allowed that others clubs grow without having to be put under the constant comparison". And that the locality, is possible to add, takes a new artistic direction, as it proposes the festival of the 2007.


Reidski said...

Among the many mistranslations, this is among my favourites:

"Rain always has been good for the creativity, and in Manchester much water after the year falls. Also in Liverpool, that seems, however, to still live on the prestige of the group of the remembered today John Lennon."

John said...

Yes but the original text was probably something about the Fall.

I'll get Manuel Estimulo to work on this. He'd do a far better job.

Imposs1904 said...

Sorry John,

I didn't see this post until after I had replied to your comment on my blog.

Nice to see that babelfish is upholding its high standards. ;-)

Anonymous said...


But I want to see the original; it looked like it was probably quite an interesting article!

John said...

Er, the original is below, Clare.

In Spanish.