Friday, March 17, 2006

St.Patrick's Day Massacre

In memory of the persecution of our brothers the snakes I'll be off to get legless tonight here.



Martin said...

An excellent night of punk rock and drinking songs. Mark Radcliffe's Pogues tribute band got the party going including in their set some Lizzy , Waterboys ,and McGowan numbers not to mention their own material such as Church of St. Mahone , Mahone World Tour, and Sweet Molly Mahone.
Sultans Of Ping were a lot more Ramonesesque that I imagined and I was surprised by how many of their songs I knew but had forgotten.
Highlights being Give him a ball (and a yard of grass), Where's me jumper? , Veronica , Stupid Kid , and You talk too much. Great gig, dodgy Guinness and I didn't get too schindlered.

John said...

I see the Academy's taken the site down now.