Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Talented Celts

Doing rather well over there. It must be Craig Ferguson and Martin McDonagh.

Who'd'yuh think I meant, Billy Connolly?


1212121212 said...

Thanks for the link to the Craig Ferguson piece. It's just a pity that the NYT, with the haut-en-bas aproach to popular culture that it shares with the good old Grauniad, misrepresents Ferguson's TV show. Yes, he has a more or less funny monologue at the start, but he's also a surprisingly good interviewer who actually allows his guests to speak at length. Since they're mostly Hollywood people (John Goodman, Jane Kaczmarek and the like), they're presumably beneath the NYT's notice, but some day he may be allowed to graduate to more "serious" subjects and get more "serious" attention - which may or may not be a good thing. He's kept his accent too.

John said...

You're most welcome.

It surprises me the Guardian has a TV section at all. If it wasn't for Channel 4, I doubt they'd bother.