Tuesday, April 04, 2006

That's "Cult Classic" in the Heaven's Gate Sense, No Doubt.

The increasingly unpredictable and bizarre Canadian magazine Maclean's carries a review here of corrupt Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff's one foray into Hollywood, as producer of the Dolph Lundgren vehicle Red Scorpion. A truly bizarre-sounding movie, it is described in the review by Jaime J. Weinman as Abramoff's tribute to African anti-communist guerrillas, the central guerrilla character being based on Jonas Savimbi,

"the Angolan rebel leader who was the toast (sic) of conservatives until (and in some cases, after) it turned out that his followers had been burning people alive."

Somehow, I can't see it becoming a cult classic in the way, say, Glitter did. Dolph Lundgren is no Mariah Carey, after all. But then, I suppose, it depends on what you mean by "cult."

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