Thursday, May 04, 2006


El Barça take la Lliga title.


Frank Partisan said...

I found this blog surfing.

Sorry that I have no soccer insight.

Your blog is a fun read. No difference between high and low culture in my mind.

John said...

You're very welcome Renegade. Soocer insight, you will find, is no prerequisite to having an opinion round here.

Reidski said...

On this season's performances, Barca are the best club side I can remember ever seeing - except, of course, for Celtic in the Dalglish era!

If they don't do Arsenal by at least two goals I will be well surprised!

And Renegade, do as I do which is talk utter pish about anything and blag your way through it - no-one will ever notice!

J.J said...

I called that number as I owed it to my future.I always wanted an MBA in less than two weeks.

How lucky for me I saw Louisingals46095623's message.

John said...

Good job I didn't have word verification swtiched on, Jane. Could have denied you a future entirely!

J.J said...

a very good job...phew!

Lorcy said...

john, this was the most recent post with your name on it! have put up some derridaredevil pics!