Monday, June 12, 2006

C&S go Primavera (Part 3 )



1) Big Star (for me , John hated them)
2) Brian Jonestown Massacre- not as bonkers as we'd hoped and a damn fine version of "How Soon is Now"
3) Violent Femmes- great way to end the festival. A little bit rock, a little bit country and everything between.


1) TV Personalities- cancelled 2 years on the trot
2) BJM- after one 5 minute mid-set conference they complained about the lack of black artists at the festival*. Mmmm.. and how many black band members do you have?
3) Lou Reed-all 5 minutes that I could be bothered with.

* They obviously missed ESG.


John said...

Was that 5 minutes? It felt like 2 fucking hours.

Have to hand it to BJM: They were playing that Smiths cover for a good 15 minutes before we recognized it. There we were saying "this is really rather good," and then yer man gave it away by singing lyrics that were comprehensible.

Like I said below, I´m going to keep coming back until the TV Personalities make an appearance. Just imagine the ironic applause they´ll get.

griff said...

how can you hate big star?


John said...

"Hated" is a bit strong. Let me see if I can remember a single note they played.

. . .

. . .

er . . .


griff said...

were you at all familiar with their songs beforehand, john?

i don't love ALL big star but songs like "september gurls", "thirteen" and "nightime" add up to some of the greatest music ever made.

Martin said...

I admit the sound wasn't the best but I did have the advantage over John in that I knew quite a few of the songs.Still it gave him a chance to queue for his Cuba Libres.

John said...

Hang on a minute. Familiarity with the songs is likely to render them more enjoyable? Only if you´re indulging in nostalgia, surely? There were plenty of other groups I saw whose stuff I didn´t know who were better by a long chalk. But there you go. Musical taste is subjective, in my book, and mine is more subjective than most ;)

Martin said...

Yes familiarity helps if the sound is poor.