Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Never and Always, But Particularly September 15th

New dates announced for The Three Johns: Friday, September 15th at the Green Room, Manchester, with Band(ism) and The Firebrats, and Monday, September 18th at the Windmill, Brixton, with Striplight.

When the Earth Aches
When the People Need
Call it Destiny
Call it Fate
Call it Stupid
Call it Fat
Reverberating down through Time
The Return of

There is a legend that, in the 80s, when the nation was low and dishonorable, there came three men striding like giants across post-punk’s political dreamscape. Wading through mud, beating each other with guitars, THE THREE JOHNS brought a dirty shaft of gold into the lives of anyone they encountered. Now, in the time of awaiting, they have returned to lift your gaze back towards the Sun.


Unknown said...

je suis à un work do on the quinzieme!

John said...

Bring them along, Stef. I know someone else at a work do that night, and he's doing precisely that!