Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Prince Phillip went on an impromptu walkabout this morning when he smacked his thumb with a hammer

An enjoyable image I just thought I'd share with my readers by way of introducing this review by Jah Wobble of the Pocket Essentials guide to Psychogeography, by Merlin Coverley.

I spotted the review, incidentally, at Ballardian, now blogrolled left, the place for all things, well, Ballardian.


J.J said...

Yes - a great image!

I wanted to say thanks for the brilliant C.D but don't have your e-mail address Martin.

BIG thank you. It is a great recording and I am listening to nothing else at the moment.

Martin said...

My pleasure Jane although credit is due to mekon webmaster Nobby for recording the show and making it available.