Monday, November 13, 2006

I Hope to Organize a Coach and Horses for Visitors

So we can drive it through all the holes in the arguments being advanced at the new Creationist "Museum" in Kentucky.

Fans of C&S will have first read about this museum here, by the way. Nearly a year and half ago.

Also in today's Guardian: Hindenburg Crashes, Shergar Kidnapped, Revolution in France.


Reidski said...

You're not suggesting that the Guardian is a load of absolute crap, are you?

John said...

It's only marginally more up-to-date than the Creationists!

Reidski said...

Just seen an episode of the Sopranos in which Tony gets a visit in his hospital room from an evangelical Christian who informs him that dinosaurs were on the Earth only 4,000 years ago along with humans.
"What, like the Flintstones," Tony asks. Excellent!