Monday, November 13, 2006

It's Just As I Thought

Women are incapable of judging "who the ball came off last." And this was only Luton vs QPR; what would happen if she was given a big game like Preston vs. Stoke?

But seriously, respect to Amy Rayner, she has more balls than I do; I packed in reffing at 20 because of the abuse I was getting officiating under 12's matches. Fast tracked or not, Amy Rayner is a qualified ref and Mike Newell is not. If his argument is that officials should have played the game to a certain level, then I'd like to see Graham Poll's Footballer of the Year awards. Professional players are notoriously ignorant of the laws of the game. Only last week, James Mcfadden was aggrieved at being sent off for allegedly calling Poll "a cheat" when he admits to calling him "fucking shite." It's still "foul and abusive" language, James, and no matter how accurate, still a sending-off offence.


Reidski said...

Mike Newell is a fucking idiot. And your reference to James McFadden shows that he is a fucking idiot.
Err, wait, with all that foul and abusive language I've just used, should I be sent off?

John said...

Nah, you just need to get in touch with your feminine side, Reidski.

Martin said...

I see in his apology Newell uses the phrase "ill-timed". Was anyone upset by the timing?
"You can't say that on the eve of Remembrance Sunday, Mike!"

And I am reliably informed that Amy Rayner was one of the best refs we had in the Conference last season.It must be park football then.

John said...

He also said:

"I wanted to apologise privately before I apologised publicly but it has taken until Monday morning to get hold of Amy's number."

Typical bird, eh, Mike? Playing hard to get.