Friday, December 15, 2006

Ireland's Top Ten 2006

A fabulous year for the Irish music scene, with nine out of the top ten artists being home-grown. Some scintillating and original sounds that managed to avoid the current fetish for choppy guitar bands while simultaneously moving on from last year's frankly disappointing Bogsynth genre and 2004's abysmal "BlackRock" (also known as Royshpop).

Raidio Siamsa has also prospered as a result of this year's upsurge in talent, establishing a Web presence from where it is possible to download most of these tracks. I'd thoroughly recommend that you check it out.

So, without further ado, and in reverse order, as per, these are the tunes that have been swaying and slaying the yoof of the nation this year:

10: “Up All Night,” by Afternoon Penis (Our Mouth)

9: “Star-Spangled Sputnik,” by The Terry Potter Army (Demi-Urge)

8: “(Can’t Get Enough of That) Moodswing,” by The Manic Depressives (Ka-Boom!)

7: “I Love Baby Cheeses,” by Cute Horse (Sinonim)

6: “Mormon Orgy,” by The Meat Mittens (Playground)

5: “All the Pope’s Kids on Coke,” by The Don Thinso Spasm Band (Bifter Sounds)

4: “Deep Love Injection,” by Sexist Prick (Threesome Records)

3: “Welcome to Limerick (Share the Sadness),” by The Flank Index (Hairy Bandage)

2: “Latvians Eunt Domus,” by Billy and the Racists (Petty)

but head and shoulders above the rest:

1: “Let Them Eat Crunk,” by The Kirsten Dunst Experience (Stubble)

Ah thenk you.

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