Friday, January 05, 2007

So Much for New Year's Resolutions

What can I say? Hodges Figgis has a sale on!


Reidski said...

I checked out Wikipedia to see if Pat Kane on one of your links was the Hue and Cry Pat Kane - obviously, yes!

But, also, seeing the who he preceded as Glasgow Universtiy rector in the early 90s, Winnie Mandela, coupled with who succeeded him, Johnny Ball, suggests strange things going in the campuses of Britain's universities by 1994.

John said...

But what a great band they'd have made!

The Pat Kane book has been in the shops for years now, and I've skimmed through it, trying to see if it said anything different to the Situationists or The Idler crowd but unwilling to part with the €20 to €30 being asked. It was on sale for €4 today, which was the clincher.