Thursday, January 04, 2007

Which Hole Do You Recommend I Put It In?

Toad in the Hole on a stick, with pancake batter and chocolate chips. For the Yorkshireman on the move.

Spotted in Maclean's magazine, which features, on the same page, an article about the Stone Age diet, a diet fad that takes its cues from the paleolithic era and involves the eating of uncooked meat. Acceptable foods are meats, including organs; vegetables, excluding potatoes and sweet potatoes; berries and fruits; and nuts, excluding peanuts. Unacceptable foods are grains in all forms, beans, sugar, salt, and dairy products, unless raw.

Dietitian and nutritionist Fran Berkoff warns that anyone trying the diet could become very ill.

Maybe that's how you lose the weight.


Reidski said...

Yeh, sure John, you don't expect us to believe that you haven't done a great photoshop artwork there then, do you? Pancake, sausage AND chocolate chips in the same snack? Yer havin a laugh!

John said...

Nothing on this blog is counterfeit! They're as genuine as Fat Babes and a Dwarf!

Unknown said...

Uhm, she says rubbing her chin (currently beardless).
My other half is literally a Yorkshireman On The Move, and I don't think he could even fathom these, let alone touch them.
(although he's taken on some pretty weird eating habits since giving up smoking, such as eating 9 unbalanced meals a day).
I wonder if you they do a Scottish version. I can see a Mars Bar covered in Beef Mince, then battered and deep-fried.

John said...

Yum! I'd eat it.

btw, Stef, I see the Faulkners has a MySpace page. Only 9 friends so far! I know the clientele of the Faulkners were never renowned for their literacy, but surely there are more regulars than that. I nearly popped in over Xmas, but instead I just stood in the doorways and reminisced.

Unknown said...

ah, the Faulkners! Haven't been over there in ages, probably since I've moved out of Alty (but maybe I just can't remember -ahem!)

Unknown said...

Looked for their page on myspace for nearly half an hour and no joy! I was really looking forward to be one of their friends! :-(

John said...