Friday, January 26, 2007

I Weep With Joy (a.k.a. Nude Hitler on Ice)

On his MySpace blog, Steve in New Zealand is getting down his memories of Three Johns gigs from many moons ago, including stage banter. There's one here, but he has others.

Langford: This song is about a friend of ours, a friend who is a woman and is a pub and is a situation.

Brennan: A funny thing happened to us on the way down here.


Brennan: One of the best tunes we've made up tonight.

Langford (voice rising with anger): We've been away and we came back and it was raining and the Conservative Party were hanging people on the television!

This song is for Margaret Thatcher. It's called "Why Don't You Fuck Off?"

Hands up if you think England is a pile of shit, especially when it's raining and the Conservative Party are hanging people on the television.

Hyatt: Ozzy Osbourne's dead.

Langford: Ozzy Osbourne's dead? Is he?

Hyatt: No – Ozzy.

Langford: Iggy Pop's dead.

Hyatt: Is he?

Langford: No – Iggy.

Brennan: My father…

Langford: This is a joke about the Hungerford killings.

Brennan: [muffled] …on the top of Ben Nevis

Langford: Did he?

Brennan: No - daddy

Langford: We know some jokes about Hungerford but we don't want to tell
'em because the people who told us them …to them …us … before… are perverts.

To be read while drinking heavily.

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