Saturday, December 27, 2008

Winter of Disc Content

It is a cliché that continues to be true that bad news is good news for the culture industry. Give poverty-stricken authors and musicians something new to moan about and they’ll come up with the goods every time. This year saw a bumper crop of original, innovative, ingenious, and highly amusing catastrophes, disasters, faux pas, and general fuckupperies, thanks in no small part to this fiasco of a government and its hangers-on, the Irish media commentariat, and the nation’s shitterati who adorn its niteclubs, golf courses, and pages of VIP magazine. Needless to say, those of us on the receiving end of such arse have responded by outrage, cynicism, sarcastic witticisms, resignation, helplessness, and songwriting. And the best place to hear those Terpsichorean cries of frustration are on Irish pirate radio station Raidio Siamsa (89.8 FM), where every year its listeners vote for their favourite indie tunes. Past lists can be found here, here, here, and here. Last year’s shoddy student-orientated shower has been replaced, nay, usurped by a more virulent sound, I’m pleased to say, a reflection of the harsh times in which we find ourselves, and for which we have to thank our betters. Thank you for the music, you bastards.

10: “Latte’s Not My Cup of Tea,” by The Staremaster (Finicky Mitch Records)

9: “Home the Helpless,” by Stigmigrant (Un Sounds)

8: “One Set to Love,” by Cameron Nastase (Cocknasty)

7: “We’re Dun-Dun-Drumming,” by The Frantic Consumers (Larch)

6: “Katy French Kiss,” by Snope-a-Troll (Ded Dogg Mewzik)

5: “The Meath Police Dismisseth Us,” by Corrupticop (Holy Rim)

4: “No Depression,” by The Retards (Drog Bah!)

3: “F.O. BIFFO,” by Hatechild (Rural Haze)

2: “It Could Be You,” by Job Lottery (Insipid)

1: “Looking for Closure,” by The Harneys (Regressive Degenerates)

Take to the Streets and Boogie!

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