Friday, February 02, 2007

Aim Low or Not at All

The January 22 issue of Newsweek features an article in which a number of well-known baby boomers were asked to name three things they hoped to achieve in the remainder of their days. The request elicited some revealing answers, including:

Patti Smith: Learn to ride horses.

Bill O'Reilly: Teaching. I'd try to go to a university to impart my experiences.

Stephen King: To live to see George W. Bush tried for crimes against humanity.
To see American Idol cancelled.

Joan Jett: To somehow combine my love for animals, nature, and children.

My favourite, however, has got to be Dan Quayle, whose list is

1: To NOT go sky-diving.
2: To go on a horseback safari in Botswana, and
3: To take my family to Greece this summer.

Way to go, Dan! How will you fit it all in?


Martin said...

Maybe he could give up no.1

John said...

I suspect he means "inadvertently."

Lorcy said...

I'd like to see a real live naked lady one day....

John said...

I know, Lorcy. It's the only thing that keeps some of us going.